HB Hospitality


We are driven by a sincere desire to help our community create amazing events and experiences for people they care about

We host nationwide showcase receptions, multi-day Executive Industry Summits, and a private online community to connect our hotel and hospitality partners directly to decision-makers who are designing memorable meetings and events. HB Hospitality’s goal is to create a community that helps our partners and clients save money and time by working directly together.

Meet the team

Our Talented Team

Danielle Bishop
Jennifer Hytjan
Vice President of Events
Spencer Hux
Vice President of Sales & Strategic Partnerships
Melanie Kaye
Vice President of Planner Relations
Zach Bishop
Managing Partner and General Counsel
Caroline Musy
Director of International Accounts
Mary Reed
Program Director
Kelly Bryson
Program Director
Genevieve Scully
Marketing Manager
Anna Llewellyn
Director of Planner Relations
Melissa Askins
Sales Coordinator
Rachel Raasch
Marketing Coordinator